Caring for Dentures

Estimates suggest that 45 million Americans currently wear full or partial dentures. These prosthetic devices enable individuals who have lost teeth to regain their active lifestyles. With dentures, you can speak clearly, smile confidently, and eat a healthy diet. To make sure your dental appliance lasts, proper care is essential.

Follow these hints to protect your dentures.

Clean dentures daily
Like natural teeth, your dentures need regular care to eliminate plaque and food debris. Brushing dentures or soaking them in a denture cleaner will also prevent stains from developing. Purchase a brush specially designed for prosthetic devices.

Gentleness is key
As you clean your dentures, don’t scrub too hard because you can damage the plastic or metal components. Rinse the device with warm water but avoid hot water, which can cause the dentures to warp.

Don’t forget your mouth
Before reinserting your dentures, brush your gums, tongue, and cheeks with fluoride toothpaste to stimulate the tissues, remove plaque, and promote good oral health.

Schedule routine dental visits
Even without a full set of teeth, you still need to see Dr. Thanos for checkups. At these appointments, your doctor can make any adjustments to your prosthetic device and examine your mouth to look for any problems.

Skip at-home adjustments
Always contact your dental provider if your appliance needs adjusting or something breaks. Trying to fix the denture yourself can cause more damage and could cost you a great deal of money.

Store dentures safely
When you aren’t wearing the appliance, keep your dentures in a secure container. Let them soak in a denture solution or water so that they stay moist and won’t lose their shape.

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