Are You Preparing to Whiten Your Teeth?

Are you less than happy with the color of your smile? Are you considering professional whitening treatments to change that? Teeth whitening is one of the most popular and most common cosmetic dentistry procedures. It is a safe and effective way to improve the color and brightness of your teeth. Before you have your treatment, there are some simple steps you can take to ensure that your whitening treatment has the best results possible.

Whiter teeth begin with a conversation with Dr. Thanos. You’ll talk about your teeth and what your best whitening options are. Before whitening, you’ll want to address any lingering dental issues you possess. Fillings, decay, gum disease or other issues will need to be taken care of before your whitening treatment. Because dental crowns, bridges or any dental veneer work won’t whiten with the treatment, you and Dr. Thanos will need to ensure that the treatment you choose won’t make your restoration work noticeable against the background of whiter teeth. If necessary, you may want to have your restorations updated with brighter, whiter materials.

Before beginning whitening, you’ll need to choose a shade of white. Dr. Thanos will work with you and a “shade guide” that illustrates the different levels of whitening available to you. Dr. Thanos will help you choose a shade that best complements your lip, hair and skin color. Going too white isn’t always the best choice, as it can look unnatural and offputting. Choose a shade that works for you.

Once your teeth are healthy enough for whitening, you’ll want to have them thoroughly cleaned by a dental professional. Any build up of plaque, bacteria or debris present on the surface of your teeth will prevent the natural surface from whitening evenly. Whitening over such debris will result in blotchy or spotty whitening effects. To achieve a smooth, even brightening, ensure that your teeth are completely clean prior to whitening.

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