Signs Your Dental Implants are Failing

Have you recently undergone dental implant therapy? Are you experiencing some problems with them? If you are concerned about how you are healing or feeling following surgery, consider the following signs of problems.

Implant failure can be signaled by persistent pain. This kind of pain is an ongoing pain that isn’t dulled by taking over-the-counter pain medications. Pain immediately following surgery is common, but if it’s been several days, your pain should be getting better, not getting worse.

Mobility of the implant itself can be a sign of a problem, especially after several weeks. Dental implants are so secure because of osseointegration, the process of the fusion of the implant into the jawbone. If this process fails, the implant will fail over time.

Certain patient types are more likely to experience implant mobility associated with dental implant failure. Patients with poor oral hygiene or those who grind their teeth can have implant failure, as can patients who are heavy smokers, diabetics or with bone disorders such as osteoporosis.

Continuous bleeding, acute inflammation or swelling at the implant site can signal a problem. If the area around the implant feels hot and inflamed, you might have an infection. Infection can play a large part of dental implant failure. Signs of infection in the mouth include pus around the implant site, pimple-like bubbles on the gum, or a foul-smelling and tasting liquid coming from the gums. Don’t ignore signs of infection in the mouth, or they can lead to much worse health issues.

Once you have visited Dr. Thanos, you can be evaluated by x-ray for bone loss. Bone loss surrounding the implant site is a warning sign of implant failure. At this time, the implant might be removed and replaced when the bone and soft tissues have regrown.

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