Treating Tough Dental Stains With Professional Teeth Whitening

Virtually anything you consume that is colorful has the potential to stain your teeth. Drink a blue sports drink, and see what color it turns your teeth and tongue. Acidic foods also weaken your tooth enamel and make them more susceptible to discoloration. Topical stains from pigment rich foods and beverages are difficult to remove, but many can be eliminated with professional teeth whitening treatments.

Your dental professional can offer several options for teeth whitening, from take-home trays to in-office laser whitening, to produce a dazzling new smile. These whitening treatments can eliminate stains from coffee, tea, wine and colas as well as foods like berries and tomatoes. Yellowing may also occur from smoking or chewing tobacco. Some medications may also cause tough stains that can be lightened with professional whitening treatments.

Once you have undergone professional teeth whitening, there are a few tips to follow to help keep them bright and white. Drinking colored beverages with a straw will allow the liquid to bypass your teeth. You should also refrain from holding foods and beverages in your mouth longer than necessary. Swishing red wine around your mouth may taste good, but will also encourage staining. Brush your teeth or at least rinse your mouth with water as soon as possible after consuming staining foods or beverages. Stopping smoking or chewing tobacco will eliminate the continued yellowing these habits cause.

Following these recommendations along with regular visits to your dentists in Weston for thorough cleaning will help extend the life of your whitening treatment and keep you smile white and bright.

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