Ways to Quickly Makeover Your Smile

Did your class reunion sneak up on you? Did you mean to visit Dr. Thanos and makeover your smile before your wedding or other special occasion, but now you think you’ve run out of time? Don’t worry! You can do many things to improve your smile that don’t take long. If you are healthy and your teeth are in good general shape, there are several easy and fast options available to you to makeover your smile right now.

The fastest thing you can do is to whiten your teeth. Also known as teeth bleaching, this technique is extremely popular and very safe. Teeth stain and discolor with age. Many common foods people consume leave their mark on teeth. Liquids are equally damaging, if not more, especially coffee, tea and red wine. Whitening your teeth professionally as part of a smile makeover can take a single office visit, and can lighten your teeth by as many as ten shades in one treatment.

We offer smile makeover in Weston Florida

Cracked, chipped, or misshapen teeth can be reshaped with tooth-colored composite resin. Bonding is an artistic process done completely by hand. The dentist works carefully to match your existing tooth color and to provide an optimal shape.

Your teeth might need a little more attention than whitening or bonding can provide. In this case, you might think about a “snap-on smile”. A snap-on is a very thin appliance that is attached on your teeth and held in place by nothing but your natural teeth. No reduction of your tooth surface is necessary and no adhesive is required. Snap-on smiles can be in place all day and can allow you a perfect, Hollywood smile.

Talk to your cosmetic dentist to see what therapies can be achieved in only one or two visits. You’ll be surprised at what options are available to makeover your smile quickly and easily.

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